The Very Best Link Baiting Services

Getting high quality editorial links is currently the single most important factor in getting a site to rank.

Given that, you would probably assume that link building (and link baiting) services would be a very mature component of the SEO services industry. You would probably assume that most of the big name SEO firms would have a robust link baiting offering. And you’d be wrong.

Big name SEO firms–if they do any linking at all!–most often get a client in a few directories, rent a few links, and call it quits on the linking front (while continuing to charge a monthly maintenance fee for ‘on-site optimization’). Meanwhile most independent SEO consultants–and even link building consultants–hawk their ‘link building recommendations‘ and ‘strategy sessions‘, which, as you could guess from their names, are heavy on ideas and light on the actual links.

I’m not writing this post to blast on those firms and consultants who don’t offer a robust linking service. When it comes to building lower quality links, the job is extremely tedious; of course a good SEO consultant isn’t going to spend their time on such a task. And when it comes to building higher quality (trusted editorial) links, even the largest SEO firm is rarely going to have the resources needed to do this efficiently (such needed resources include industry connections, power accounts at social bookmarking sites, research assistants, skilled link bait writers, and, above all, quality control).

So, without further adieu, (screw strategy, recommendations, ideas and reports!) here is my recommended list of firms that can actually build high quality links to your site (in exchange for your hard-earned money).

  • Neil Patel’s buzz/viral marketing service (price not listed)
  • Andy Hagans’ link baiting service ($5,995 USD)
  • Todd Malicoat’s link baiting service ($6,000 USD)
  • Michael Gray’s linkbaiting & SMO service ($4,995 USD and up)
  • I would like to recommend SEOmoz but you have about a 1 in 1,000 chance of getting in as a client. :-)

Obviously the prices aren’t cheap, but on the other hand TrustRank is the new PageRank except it’s even more valuable, and link baiting is generally the only way you’re going to get trust.

Now as I said I do get fed up with all the ’strategy’ services, but if you do have good writers on staff and just need 5 star ideas and action plans, the following are very good options:

  • Aaron Wall’s consulting service ($500 USD for one hour)
  • Todd Malicoat’s consulting service ($500 for one hour)

If I have missed any good link baiting services please let me know.

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#1 Hawaii SEO on 01.07.07 at 9:51 pm

That’s great but… How many of those folks are booked solid for the next 8 months and don’t want to talk to you?

#2 abhilash on 01.13.07 at 1:01 am

Andy, this is all about the scalability of creativity. I remember talking to you about this (in chicago was it? who knows). Most people are about as creative as a bowling ball. Most SEO firms are equally as creative. How are those big brand seo companies going to be able to offer really creative ideas to all of their clients? Definitely not for that $600 “top 10 ranking” packages that fly off the shelves.

That said, link baiting (& hand-building links) is that beautifully esoteric blend of creativity AND execution, with the “whole power account thing” there as well. Don’t be surprised that it’s only the upper crust of folks that are able to do it properly. :)

#3 chester on 07.06.08 at 6:55 am

wow, that’s expensive. But that’s value for money :)
Thanks for the info.