The Digg Staff: Big Fat Hairy Liars?

Pronet Advertising is running a story about the mounting evidence that shows the Digg staff is manually pulling stories before they make the homepage. As I reported earlier, the ‘bury rate’ at Digg is at an all-time high, and lately I’ve been wondering if the Bury Brigade weren’t the only ones to blame, so this doesn’t surprise me.

This same phenomenom has been observed by several of my acquaintances over the past week. One of my contacts watched his story inexplicably get buried (after getting several dozen Diggs in one hour!), and actually emailed his Digg contact on the staff, who told him “it was buried as lame by too many users”. OK, if that were true, that would make sense. But the evidence shows that it was pulled manually by the Digg staff, based on a search of 10,000 buries from that day where the buried story didn’t appear.

The same exact thing just happened to me today. Twice. Two stories which made it to upcoming/most in near record time, then disappeared, and do not show up even once in the last 10,000 buries.

Now, let me state for the record, Digg is a privately owned business, and if they want to manually pull stories and not own up to it, that’s well within their rights. (Though I would argue, it is bad for business.) I also don’t have a “right” to be on their homepage (even if the users like the stuff I submit). This is business. I evolve and move on.

I also however want to state for the record: it appears from the evidence that the Digg staff are big fat hairy liars.

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#1 pindarev on 05.14.07 at 2:02 pm

Hi Andy, I agree with you. The same thing happened to me before.

#2 Censorship Issues Continue for Digg | Marketing Pilgrim on 05.14.07 at 2:43 pm

[...] However, it appears that Digg’s censorship issues are far from over. Rising stories are disappearing after being buried not by the community of Diggers, but by Digg employees (or, possibly, a specific algorithm targeting sites from specific URLs or types of sites). Neil Patel and Andy Hagans have seen this happening to stories that they’ve followed, as have others. [...]

#3 PENIX on 05.14.07 at 3:44 pm

Digg’s censorship has been there since the beginning. My first user name was something to the effect of ‘KevinRoseIsGay’. It was immediately banned. I contacted, but they refused to reinstate it. I created a PAID account with the same name on the Revision 3 website, and it’s still there today. Surprise, surprise.

#4 xborns on 05.14.07 at 7:06 pm

I agree as well especially the part of them running as private business. But part of the reason for the “HD-DVD” revolt was that people were pissed that they were banning users for commenting negatively on the issue, and then trying to remove stories which were not even part of the damn cease and desist, on top of it being just posting a number. Of course they have legal reasons to remove the first story, but banning the user that submitted it? The people commenting negatively on follow up stories?

Where did the story go that had NO key whatsoever talking critically about being banned for posting the story? Now they are trying all this PR bs they are trying to fix it up when they are only saying half of the side and not saying that they were banning a lot of users, removing comments critical of Digg, then starting to “Undigging” stories that people had already dugg about the key. And what brought the end, when Kevin the founder came out and just said they realize the fudged and will try to fight it or die trying.

I don’t care if as a company you need do that, but don’t preach democracy and everything while doing the opposite especially if the founder’s claim to fame was the “DarkTipper” which most likely he would cover such a story if back in the day..

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