Effective New Link Products on the Market

I sidestep the whole “issue” of paid links, taking the do what works philosophy, so rest assured this post isn’t about that. Anyway, the text link ad product market is pretty slow moving, but there are a few new products on the market that I believe are very forward looking (hint: I think they will work in 2008), so I thought I’d mention them:

  • Post-level Text Link Ads: This is a feature a lot of link buyers have wanted for a long time; the way I would leverage it, is to buy the post-level link on blog posts which have been Dugg or otherwise received a ton of links (I know Jim Boykin is a big believer in the trust of well-linked internal pages). I used to work at Text Link Ads and I can vouch that they have a lot of publishers in their program who are dugg all the time, so it may be something you want to watch for (and jump on).
  • ReviewMe Subscriptions: Among the ‘pay for blog post’ offerings, ReviewMe has positioned itself as the highest quality, but it also demands more “upkeep” from the advertiser’s point of view. This new ReviewMe feature allows you to “set it and forget it” with a monthly budget for reviews from new blogs in whatever category you select. Pretty sweet.

I wouldn’t recommend you make link buying your sole link acquisition strategy, but if you’re in a competitive market and you’re not doing some link buying (especially the intelligent post-level kind), you’re losing money.

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