Digg’s Bury Knob Turned Up To a 52-Week High; You Can Blame Me

Speaking as someone who’s made the homepage 100+ times (and who’s been buried just as many times), I can say with absolute certainty that the “bury factory” is at an all-time high over at Digg.

I have no idea how that part of their algo works exactly, but what I do know is stories are dying a lot faster, and it’s exponentially harder to get on the homepage right now than it was 3 months ago. What used to be a “maybe” story (i.e., either it’d make the homepage or get buried at 30 diggs on upcoming) is now getting nuked at 6 or 10 diggs.

What can you conclude?

  1. That you hate me. It was relatively small number of profiteers (ahem) who where consistently getting commercial sites on the homepage. We’re pretty much singlehandedly responsible for the current hostile environment :-)
  2. It’s time to start building other power accounts (Netscape, Reddit, StumbleUpon) if you weren’t already.
  3. Remember you don’t need social media to link bait. Award hook, giveaway hook, attack hook, interview hook–there are many ways to link bait that don’t necessitate you get on the Digg homepage. These other methods yield trusted links and mindshare too, and they’re easier on your heart.

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