8 More New-ish Social Media Sites (That Actually Send Traffic)

With the recent launch of CoRank it seems like everyone and their cousin is starting a niche social media site. Just like with a blog though, many will never reach critical mass (and most, in fact, will get abandoned).

However in my lifelong quest to acquire traffic and links cost-effectively, I’m seeking out those niche social media sites that appear to be gaining a user base and actually sending websites real visitors. Here are eight newer ones I’ve discovered… a few of these I’ve actually found through my referrals, which is a good indication they “actually send traffic”. ;-)

  1. Babblz (Parenting)
  2. Ballhype (Sports)
  3. blogs4God (Christian)
  4. Meme or Lame (Gadgets)
  5. News Heat (Politics)
  6. Plant Change (Environment)
  7. TTiqq (Tips & Tutorials)
  8. Tweako (Computers & Technology)

Note: Since a lot of folks bookmarked the original post I’m going to go ahead and update it with these new ones: Top 17 25 Niche Social Media Sites (That Actually Send Traffic)

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#1 Mean Dean on 05.29.07 at 9:30 am

First, thanks for the link to blogs4God.com.

Second, I agree with your speculation - this is the 3rd go round for blogs4God, not because of waning interest, but rather from not identifying the model and how to mitigate communal issues correctly. I blog about all I learned from said mistakes here:

That said, I do think that at least in the case of blogs4God.com, success of sending referrals is a definate possibility for the following reasons:
* the blogs4God community are church goers, so generally we’re talking social networking type folks
* I’ve enjoyed several real and virtual friendships via the previous blogs4God efforts, so I’m already getting good ‘gorilla marketing’ within the focal community
* while we made mistakes in the past, we didn’t clobber our credibility - at least in terms of trust
* I generally run with a broader umbrella than similar efforts within this niche
* we are focused less on social issue screaming and more on quality, compelling content regardless of one’s political stripe … just so long as the writer is a practioner of historic Christianity
* we indeed have learned from our mistakes

Then again, I’ve been wrong before - but early indications and numbers are very promising that this new ‘democratized’ community seems to be the ticket.

#2 kevin on 06.01.07 at 7:10 pm

Thanks for the great post.

I’ve actually gotten some traffic from Tweako on my blog recently. Another good social niche site for developers is dzone.com