2007 Is the Year of the Domainer & My Favorite Domainer Blogs

Maybe it’s just that I personally have been following the industry more, but it seems to me that domaining–and the accepted value of premium generic domains–is finally coming completely into the mainstream, as evidenced by several recent articles about domainers in MSM publications, the momentum of domainer conferences and auctions, and the maturation of the domainer blogosphere. I think this happened with SEO sometime last year, but 2007 is the Year of the Domainer. (Of course, you still see some idiotic MSM articles about both domaining and SEO, but don’t hold your breath for that to change anytime soon.)

I myself will have a big announcement concerning my involvement in this space in a few weeks, so stay tuned. :-)

Meanwhile, some interesting links I’ve come across lately, in case you don’t have your domaining white belt yet:

  • Best Practices For Corporate Domain Name Management - SEL
  • Highbrow Arbitrage Pages - Frank Schilling
  • 10 US Laws Every Domainer Needs to Know - Rich McIver at Aviva
  • How To Estimate Universal Search Volume *Without* Using Yahoo or Wordtracker - Domainer’s Gazette
  • Firefox 3 To Make Domains Stand Out - The Conceptualist

And in case you want to tune in more to this space, here’s a handy list of domainer blogs that I subscribe to:

  • DomainEditorial.com
  • Daily Domainer
  • Names @ Work
  • Domain Name Wire
  • dnvw.com
  • Domain Name News (update–somehow I missed it)
  • DomainTools Blog (although this post was annoying)
  • Seven Mile (anyone else find that URL to be both ironic and hilarious?)
  • The Conceptualist
  • Rick Schwartz
  • Whizzbang’s Blog
  • The Key
  • The Domainer’s Gazette

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#1 Todd on 07.12.07 at 9:05 am

Andy, thanks for linking to my second Search Engine Land article.

#2 Jamie on 07.12.07 at 12:48 pm

I get a nearly blank page @ dvnw.com

#3 ryanmcdonnell on 07.12.07 at 1:16 pm

Same here… blank page at dvnw.com.

This industry has always interested me. Thanks for the beginner links.

#4 Paul Montwill on 07.16.07 at 7:53 am

What is really annoying about the domain world is that ‘normal’ people with great ideas can’t just go there and buy a nice domain because so many of them are transferred into junk yards with adverts. For me it is the same as SPAM or even worse.

Anyway, great links, Andy.

#5 Adam Strong on 07.18.07 at 12:50 am

Hey Paul . I’m pretty ‘normal’ and I have great ideas too, so I went out and bought domains. Why is your idea better than mine ?

Andy I’m bummed you didn’t include Domain Name News :( We must suck. ;) Frank @ DomainEditorial.com is now teamed with me on this project. Hope you enjoy

#6 admin on 07.18.07 at 9:49 am

Jambone. You’re in!

#7 Paul Montwill on 07.25.07 at 3:08 am

Adam, you didn’t catch my point. From the business perspective, buying domain to run ads on them is a good idea. But for me it is like buying half of the Manhattan just to put billboards on it. Great business, you can earn some money, but if you build a skyscrapper you will use space better and not waste such valuable ground just for an advert.

#8 DomainerPro on 09.06.07 at 9:13 am

Thanks for this list. Take a look at my new blog, http://www.DomainerPro.com, and see if you think it’s worthwhile. Highly experienced domainers may not find it useful, but I think (I hope) that novices and those like me who have been in the business for 1 to 2 years will find it interesting.