The Lazy Man’s Guide to Link Baiting

If you’re trying to rank a new site in a niche of even medium competition, you’d better be link baiting. If you’re anything like me, the idea of creating quality content and doing legwork to promote it is about as appealing as scrubbing a toilet, writing a term paper, and then doing your income taxes.

Luckily the Good Lord gave us shortcuts and if you’re a lazy person like me you’d do well to take advantage of them. Here are my three favorite link baiting shortcuts, all of which can be prepared in 30 minutes or less!

Interviews with ‘celebs’ in your niche — OK, so Steve Johnson the creator of The Revolutionary Digital-Widgetizer isn’t famous outside of widget enthusiasts, but it’s a good bet all the widget bloggers know who he is. An interview request will stroke his ego, and 10 questions (via email even) won’t take long. Even better, he’s pretty much writing your article for you! As an added bonus, the fact that he’s talking with you gives your site industry cred. Example in the SEO niche: Aaron Wall’s interviews with many SEOs

Humor pieces — Yes, yes I love SEO humor, I can’t get enough. There’s something satisfying about knowing only a few hundred people will get the joke but those that get it will really get it. And if it’s original and truly funny it will get passed around like wildfire. Example in the SEO niche: 5 Tips to make it in the SEO community

Top 25 Bloggers in My Niche — You can do it the hard (1 hour?) way and do real voting or you can be the judge, jury and executioner and decide on them yourself. Of course you want to email the bloggers to let them know they’re included, they can’t help but link back ;-) Yes some of the links you get back will be reciprocal, but they will be of the rare “quality” recip variety–in-content, natural and from trusted domains that have a low percentage of recips as backlinks. Example in the SEO niche: 2006 Search Blog Awards from Search Engine Journal

OK I have some more of ‘em but I’m too lazy to write 10, and plus I don’t want to give away my best tricks :-) Feel free to contribute your own favorite lazy link baiter strategies in the comments though!

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