Google Filter Adjusted; Out Pops My Sites!

I’m not seeing much reported in the SEOsphere, but I believe there was a pretty major Google update over the weekend. Several of my sites — the ones I’ve been link baiting the heck out of, mostly on newer domains — popped out of the Sandbox. (I don’t believe they “let sites out” per se, more like they adjust a knob on some trust / link / age filter so many sites happen to pop out at the same time.)

Organic rankings in Google… is there anything in the world that tastes as sweet? I get tired of people saying it’s too risky to rely on organic SERPs for traffic — don’t they realize AdWords is even riskier? As long as you have trust and something people really want, the search engines are going to want to rank you (aside from a few that get screwed in collateral damage.) I’m not saying Google is a webmaster’s friend — it’s not — but remember that it’s a symbiotic relationship. They need us, too (us = the web sites that people want to find).

If you don’t like risk, maybe SEO isn’t the career for you :-) Long live organic!

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