Exclusive!!! Neil Patel is a Princess

Hey readers–all four of you–I’m trying to start a new meme. Since, as I said, I only have four readers, each of your participation will be crucial.

To participate, please include this picture in a blog post tomorrow. Shouldn’t be hard to work it in in a relevant place.

The theory is, everyone in SEO is associated with one keyword.

  • Kim Krause Berg = usability
  • Andy Hagans = link building
  • Aaron Wall = SEO book
  • Dan Thies = keywords

At the end of the week, let’s make sure Neil Patel = princess in the back of every Threadwatcher’s mind…

Your cooperation is appreciated.

*Update: If you link to this post, we can also rank it for his name. The title of the post will show up in the SERPs when potential venture capitalists Google him. But maybe now I’m just getting greedy.

*Update2: Kim did her part. Keep ‘em coming.

*Update3: Stunty, thanks for playing. Reader 3 and reader 4, ball’s in your court.

*Update4: Neil and I now have a high-stakes bet on whether or not this post will rank top 3 for “Neil Patel” in 30 days. I won’t go into the raunchy details, but suffice it to say, I need to win.

*Update5: Thanks to all the help I’ve gotten, I’m now ranking #11 for “Neil Patel” and climbing :-)

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#1 LiEvans on 12.13.06 at 7:30 am

BTW Andy - he’s only behind by 2 or 3 votes in the contest - maybe everyone who reads this should go and vote for him! That’d be the real kicker :)

here’s where to vote: http://www.searchmarketinggurus.com/search_marketing_gurus/2006/12/vote_for_your_f.html

I’ll post to this tonight too after I tally up the votes!

#2 randfish on 12.13.06 at 6:18 pm

OK - I added a link to this page from a recent post, but couldn’t do the picture bit. Hopefully it should help!

#3 abhilash on 12.26.06 at 2:09 pm

Done & Done. The result is now ranking in the top 4! LMAO.

#4 andyhagans on 12.26.06 at 4:08 pm

Yes, thanks to everyone’s help!

Now how do I get that last bump to the #3 spot? hmm…

#5 scoreboard on 12.29.06 at 7:33 pm

#3 on my DC. A little 11th hour link love to help you maintain: